how to remove scratches from marbles

How To Get Scratches Out Of Marble

Marble is a stunning natural stone that elevates any home’s appearance. We know you just love to install marble surfaces, whether it’s a countertop, a tabletop, or marble flooring. However, a major drawback of marble is that it scratches easily. Those scratches on the marbles give them a dull appearance, showing the poor use of the marble material. No worries. You can still remove the scratches on marbles with little time and effort.

What Causes Scratches On Marbles

Unlike other natural stones, marble is a more soft material which makes it more vulnerable to scratches and etching. Etching refers to the whitish, hazy appearance of a surface after exposure to acidic solutions and harsh agents. There are a lot of reasons why marble can get scratches both minor and deep. The etch marks occur when you use acidic cleaning solutions to clean your marble surfaces, but deep scratches occur when you drag heavy furniture, drop objects on the marble surfaces and when you walk with heeled shoes. Marble countertops in the kitchen are more exposed to acidic ingredients like lemon, tomato ketchup, sauces which cause scratches on them.

Buffing Minor Scratches Vs Deeper Scratches

While it is easy to remove and buff minor scratches with marble polish powder or liquid, it is not the same case with deeper scratches. Deeper scratches are more intense and difficult to fix by yourself. You’ll need to hire a professional marble polishing service in Sydney to get rid of deeper scratches from your marble surfaces and get the old shine back.

How to Keep Marble Surfaces Free of Scratches

Preventing scratches on marble surfaces such as tiles, floors or countertops is a bit challenging. Because marble is composed of natural minerals that accumulate over time, Many typical household products that are immune to ceramics, plastic, and acrylic, but marbles are not the same way. The simple and best way to avoid scratches on marble is to keep it clean. Wipe up spills with a moist towel and warm water as soon as they occur to avoid damaging the marble surface or you can add a few drops of mild dish soap to a moist towel and wipe away any greasy oil spills before they stain your marble surfaces. Avoid dragging furniture, luggage, and shoes over your home if you have a marble floor.


Does marble get scratched easily?

Marble is subject to scratches due to its softness and porous nature. However, the extent of scratching depends on factors like the type of marble and its finish. Regular maintenance can help minimize scratches.

Can you use steel wool to remove scratches? 

Yes, dry #0000 steel wool can be used to buff marbles when there are water spots, mild scratches and nicks, but deeper scratches require a professional’s help. 

How to get scratches out of a marble fireplace?

Start by heating the surface for at least one minute with the propane torch. When the surface is very hot, place the bar of paraffin wax directly on it and move it back and forth many times. The wax will melt into the scratches. Once the scratched area has been coated with wax, remove the bar.