Stone has been the most common material used in construction because of their performance, and that calls for the use of best stones to construct the ion of different structures. However, stone suffers wear and deterioration with time especially in the modern time where there is increased urbanisation which comes with increased pollution and this makes the stone suffer wear and tear more rapidly. If the stone is not protected well, there can be dirt accumulation, spilling and this leads to loss of integrity of the structure among other things that are associated with aging of stone structures. We cannot talk about marble without limestone coming into the picture, and thus the following paragraphs will discuss marble repairs in Sydney.

Limestone on its part refers to many types of sedimentary rocks that contain a full or small percentage of calcium carbonate found in the upper part of the earth’s crust — many of these constituents from marine deposits that have accumulated for many million years and which has almost similar characteristics such as their white or gray color. Calcium carbonate transforms to marble when you subject limestone to intense pressure and heat. The main aim of transforming limestone to marble is in an effort of changing it to a much finer texture since original limestone cannot be polished.

The Significance of Marble Repair in Sydney

Most of the modern building employs the use of marble in the exterior due to its fine texture, and thus it is the external appearance of the building where it tells the historical characteristics of the building. The significance which the building has plus is style tells a lot about the building not forgetting the external design and features. It is not in doubt that it is paramount to treat the external part of a building with great care as changes of the exterior can apply any changes in fashion and taste. Many craftsmen apply their designs in the exterior to bring out authority or to characterise a specific building of certain property. Such historic features that suffer deterioration should be replaced, and if repairs are necessary, they should be to maintain a building standard. At Geova Stone Solutions we repair the external structures of a building, and if a replacement needs to be done, we replace the stone with the same features and design to maintain the originality of a building.

Marble Repair Procedure

Our first step on a stone structure is to perform an accurate assessment of the building plus all its external features to determine their condition. This gives our worker the ability to know why each feature placed in that place and the way such a design was intended to capture the overall building design or other architectural needs. The rest of the work involves analysing the cause of the deterioration, and since water is the one cause of degradation, different ways are devised to capture different ways of countering this ill. Any cavity is drained, mass rocks made to allow them to have fresh air and seals are used to finish barrier walls.

Marble Repairs Sydney

Marble Repair Sydney Wide

Marble Repair requires a deep understanding of how the stone is made, so it’s best to leave it to the experts. We work for individuals and businesses, and our clients range from homes to large shopping malls. Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, medical centres, workplaces, and various other companies rely on us for aid with resurfacing, cleaning, polishing, honing, and sealing.

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Geova Stone Solutions Offers the Premium Marble Repair Services

We offer the best floor care service for all your marble repair in Sydney .The people who work at Geova Stone Solutions are experts at cleaning, honing, reviving, stripping, and sealing the stone. Our highly skilled professionals use cutting-edge technology and a preference for only the highest quality, non-toxic water-based solutions to provide one of the highest quality services in the country.

Why Choose Us?

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  • We use cutting-edge techniques and sealers to keep your stone’s natural appearance.

Proven Methods for Marble Repair

Our marble finishing procedures have been shown to preserve the natural appearance of your marble while reducing future care requirements.

Taking care of your marble surfaces can help them last for decades. All marble surfaces can be professionally sealed, cleaned, and polished using expert processes.

We specialise in eliminating etchings, scratches, and wear and tear from your surfaces caused by daily living. We promise that we will restore your marble installations to their original condition.

There are Various Types of Stones, Each With its Unique Applications

A bench or tabletop is one of the most obvious uses for any stone. The repair of stone bench tops in the past decade, particularly in kitchens, has gained considerable popularity. Many residential home builders, such as Essa Stone, offer stone repair as a standard feature or an optional extra. But, of course, the price will influence the stone’s quality, cut, and design. Stone is a versatile material that can last indefinitely if properly cared for. Depending on how a stone surface is maintained, it will need to be repaired sooner or later to retain its original beauty.

Don’t Attempt a DIY Job With Any Form of Stone

Our technicians do not use a vitrification or chemical cleaning process for Marble Repairs. Using chemicals and unnatural additives inhibits the marble from breathing and causes additional problems. Therefore, we employ traditional repair processes to increase the purity of the marble.

Our processes have been used for centuries to keep surfaces beautiful and long-lasting. Our methods also reduce the requirement for continuous maintenance and repairs. We never propose ‘do it yourself’ stone repair.Each stone has distinct features, and the choice of stone for any tabletop is a personal preference. It is also true that each type of stone necessitates its repair process. Using the incorrect technique or equipment can result in surface damage that is difficult, if not impossible, to fix.

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