We restore, repair, clean and polish all kinds of natural stone, some of the most popular stones we work with are:


Granite is often found in many places without the home and it’s the most popular stone we work with. We have had years of experience repairing anything from flooring to bench tops. Its volcanic properties can take a hit and is by-large one of the strongest and most durable stones to use in your home. Yet for granite to keep it’s natural high-shine it will require professional maintenance and treatment.


Over the years we’ve also perfected the art of restoring marble. Whilst the stone may be durable, over time it can still become at risk of staining, especially if the surface treatment has worn away. The timeless properties of marble mean that the stone will never go out of style for fireplaces, countertops and bench-tops, so if your marble has seen the better days, a simple cost-effective restorative service will ensure that it’s as good as new in no time.

Limestone & Travertine

We treat both outside and indoor limestone floors to bring back the natural purity of the stone, we’re well-practiced in treating limestone which has fossil inclusions amplifying the beauty of the stone. We will gently restore the stone to ensure that none of the vibrant details are adversely altered. We appreciate the beauty which limestone offers property owners and strive restore it to its former glory. If the sealant has been worn away the limestone will be extremely porous and susceptible to spills and acid damage. The same goes for Travertine, which is essentially just sedimentary limestone rock.


Whilst Terrazzo isn’t a natural stone, we still extend our services to restore and polish the properties of the composite stone. Terrazzo stone is mainly used for flooring, yet the composite can also be used for walling and is often a mixture of marble, glass and granite.


Whilst concrete has never before been perceived as a desirable material for the home, in recent years it has become vastly popular for its practical use as countertop material. For hygiene purposes, you’ll need to ensure that the concrete is sealed properly especially for use in kitchens. However, we also treat a wide variety of concrete structures and flooring.


Due to the diversity in colour, sandstone has become a popular material to be used in the home, and in building and paving subjects. Generally, sandstone is durable and elegant, however with enough wear and tear the rock which is a composite of sedimentary rock and sand can start to look weathered.


Porcelain is one of the most diverse stones to include in your home, whilst it is relatively hard wearing when used for sinks and bathtubs over time it can become stained or discoloured. We provide a professional, gentle cleaning and restoring service to bring back the natural colour whether it’s hard paste, soft paste or bone china.


Whilst the igneous rock isn’t all that popular inside of the home, the product of cooled lava is often used for outdoor decoration, ground works and building blocks. Regardless of the damage, our restoration service can provide a seamless restoration which will ensure a good as new finish.

If you have a restoration project that you would like Geova Stone Solutions to help with, get in contact with a member of our customer service team who will be happy to arrange a free quote for your restoration.

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