Marble Sealing has been one of the world’s most attractive and elegant building materials for ages, favoured for classic structures such as hotels, palaces, and elegant stately residences due to its enduring features and natural beauty. Marble Sealing is a non-foliated metamorphic rock, which means it was created by the combined effects of heat, pressure, and time but did not appear to have any underlying layers. White marble, blue marble, green marble, red marble, and yellow marble are a few of the colours that may be found in marble. Marble is unique in that it is slightly translucent, allowing light to enter and create a softly radiant reflection that is highly visually appealing. When polished to a high gloss, marble’s smooth, crystalline structure shines brightly. Since marble is a natural material, no two slabs will be identical. This gives each piece its distinct character.

Flamed Or Honed Finish For Marble Sealing Sydney Wide

Our services extend beyond the imaginations of our clients, we do it we added enthusiasm and décor. Just in case you want a flamed or honed finish for your Mable, all this can be done in style. The diamond abrasives are added in bits through a controlled burning process that eventually brings out the desired finish. Depending on the stone surface, the marble finishing process can be different it can as well affect the amount of time taken. No need to worry about your carpet or the wood around since our experts have the knowledge and experience of ensuring the diamond grinding process has been done in a way that will not allow excessive water flow. Well the flaming tools are also used correctly and in a safe way that will not attract fire to the flammables around the building.

 Marble Sealing

What To Expect From Us For Marble Sealing

Choosing us to do the marble sealing process will be of added advantage to you since our technicians are friendly and supportive enough to provide you with a manual of maintenance instructions for a long term basis. This shows how much they value their services and your money as well. Your stone will be new again, there will be no traces of scratches or damages on it since the services to expects from us are seamlessly perfect.

We are just a call away in Sydney, once you need the best of our services, contact us and we revert in the soonest time possible.

Marble Tile Preservation Through Sealing

You can tell if your marble sealing needs by leaving a few water droplets on the surface; if the water beads up, the marble is fine and does not need marble sealing. If the water soaks into the marble after a few minutes, sealing it is necessary. As a barrier against chemical attack, degradation, and contamination, a sealant applied to marble surfaces keeps most stains at bay. Therefore, sealing is the first and most crucial step in preserving your marble’s value from stains.

Geova Stone Solutions uses cutting-edge fluorine chemistry technology, which reacts with surface pores to create an invisible, breathable barrier impermeable to stains and water/oil-based containments. The marble sealing used is zero-odour, flame-retardant, and fast-curing for indoor and outdoor use on natural stone, tile, and grout.

Impregnating Sealing With Complete Airflow

Marble sealing tiles with a breathable impregnating sealer, as opposed to a synthetic or urethane sealer, is essential since the tiles must be allowed to breathe.

Points To Always Keep In Mind While Applying A Sealer Are:


  • Clean up any spills as soon as possible.
  • Put a rug in front of every entrance.
  • Clean your floors with a Microfiber mop.
  • Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for the flooring.


  • Marble tiles should never be cleaned with ammonia, vinegar, or bleach.
  • Never clean with anything acidic, abrasive, or a scouring pad.

When should I sealed My Marble Floors?

The capillary pores in materials like marble sealing allow them to absorb liquids like water, water-soluble salts, and oils. However, marble is less functional when exposed to specific fluids, hastening its deterioration.

Weathering, strength loss, efflorescence, salt assault, sulphate attack, ugly staining, biological attack, chemical attack, swelling, embrittlement, and picture framing are all forms of deterioration. Sealing marble can prevent or significantly mitigate most of these issues.

What Will Happen If Marble Cannot Breathe?

Stone has a porous interior structure. Moisture present in the ground can be wicked or pulled into marble by capillary action. Because of the chemical and physical changes that can occur within the stone, it is essential to enable natural vapour passage. This action of degradation in natural stone can take the shape of pitting, spalling, flaking and oxidation.


How Often Do I Need To Seal Marble?

If you treated your marble and have properly maintained your surfaces the sealer should last up to 15 years. How long your marble sealing will last depends on the variety you choose, its intended use, and the foot traffic it receives.

Can Stains Be Permanently Avoided With An Excellent Marble Sealer?

No sealer will always avoid spills. The sooner any spill can be cleaned up, the less probable a stain will result. Acidic spills such as juice, soft drinks or wine can etch and discolour stones if not wiped up promptly. Keep your tile and grout clean regularly to avoid the buildup of dirt and stains with marble sealing.

Can I do Marble Sealing That Has A Pre-existing Sealer?

As the old sealer’s layer could prevent it from reaching the surface, any topical sealers must be removed before applying. Therefore, you don’t need to peel pre-existing penetrating impregnating sealers, as the service provided by Geova Stone Solutions uses the best marble sealing that will pass through any other previously applied impregnate sealer.

When You Choose Us, You Get The Following:

Excellent Quality – We take the time to do things correctly so that your surfaces will last.

No Dust – Modern equipment and restoration processes ensure that no dust is created during the process.

Professional Help – Experienced and dependable tradespeople who treat each project with the utmost attention.

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